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MARANDO TBR Tires Open Up The West Asian Market




MARANDO TBR Tires Open Up The West Asian Market

MARANDO 315/80R22.5 tire is the flagship product of MARANDO heavy-duty series. At present, our customer has purchased MRD10 tires. This product adopts special pattern design combined with the use of new materials. The unique pattern design provides the product with good driving performance; the special tread rubber design makes the tire more cutting-resistant; in addition, we have strengthened the formula of the bead rubber part, making the MRD10 tire less likely to deform under heavy load.

Our customers speak highly of this product for bringing them a good user experience, which also helped them gain more business opportunities in the local market.

Customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation. MARANDO has always focused on providing customers with more professional and high-quality services. Thank you for your trust and support.